Day 40 – La Paz

My transfer to the airport was not until 6.30pm this evening so today was about nothing other than shop shop shopping!!

I’d been told that the shopping in La Paz was very cheap so was excited to buy lots of souviners for the family… And I did! I spent a few hours in all the souviners shops bargaining for deals and even visited the witches market for some tokens! So 7 or 8 bags of shopping later I went back to the hotel to sort it all out only, the one thing I forgot was, where am I going to put it all!


Half an hour of packing and repackage followed with some minor panics in between but eventually it all made it in!

After saying good bye to a couple of the group members who were still around I hopped into my cab to the airport for my flight to Miami.

La Paz airport is quite small but the staff were all really helpful. One thing I didn’t realise though was I have to pay $25 just to leave! Depature tax sucks.

I bored the flight around 10.30 to Miami so all being well I will wake up there tomorrow!

D x


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